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Labour :
শ্রম, পরিশ্রম, কাজ, বেদনা, প্রসববেদনা, খাটুনি, ব্যথা, শ্রমের ফল, কষ্ট পাত্তয়া, কায়িক শ্রমের কাজ, কর্তব্য, শ্রমসাধ্য কাজ, শ্রমসাধ্য প্রচেষ্টা, শ্রমিকগণশ্রম করা, পরিশ্রম করা, খাটা, মেহনত করা, কষ্ট করা, কষ্টল্পনা করা, সম্প্রসারিত করা, বিশদ করাশারীরিক বা মানসিক প্রচেষ্টা, খাটনি, প্রয়াস, শ্রমিকশ্রেণী - শ্রমশ্রমশ্রমমুশকিলশ্রমিকশ্রমিকশ্রমজীবীশ্রমিক
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Noun(1) a social class comprising those who do manual labor or work for wages(2) concluding state of pregnancy; from the onset of contractions to the birth of a child(3) a political party formed in Great Britain in 1900; characterized by the promotion of labor's interests and formerly the socialization of key industries(4) productive work (especially physical work done for wages
Verb(1) work hard(2) strive and make an effort to reach a goal(3) undergo the efforts of childbirth

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(1) Low dose mobile epidurals are generally more attractive to women in labour than traditional epidural techniques.(2) Those who were less keen to compete for migrants could resort to convicts as casual labour .(3) Using casual labour has become a key means by which many employers seek to evade established standards.(4) It also aims to replace a number of full-time workers with casual and part-time labour .(5) He said there would be real implications for his company when he employed casual or part-time labour , and brought staff in and out.(6) they hire labour through agencies(7) Today there is a growing acceptance of illegal casual labour and a strong demand for it.(8) the price of repairs includes labour, parts, and VAT(9) He looks to struggles independent of political parties, the official labour movement, or any other organised forces.(10) The pregnancy went smoothly and Mrs Filer gave birth after being in labour for five hours.(11) Coming to the London docks he was shocked at the misery and poverty of casual labour and organized a docker's union.(12) The answer came when one delegate rose to address the notion of political action by the labour movement.(13) The result is that since the mid-1980s the organized labour movement was no longer a major social and political factor.(14) Both women spent four hours in labour and both gave birth to baby daughters.(15) The death of Glen Branagh is a warning to the labour movement and the working class that bloody sectarian conflict is not a thing of the past in Northern Ireland.(16) The tile company had callously sacked 29 regular workers and replaced them with casual labour supplied by Skilled.
Related Words
(1) labor union ::
শ্রম সংগঠন
(2) labor force ::
শ্রম শক্তি
(3) labor pains ::
শ্রম যন্ত্রনা
(4) labor market ::
(5) manual labor ::
কায়িক শ্রম
(6) labor cost ::
(7) child labor ::
শিশু শ্রম
(8) forced labor ::
জোরপূর্বক শ্রম
(9) cheap labor ::
সস্তা শ্রম
(10) direct labor ::
সরাসরি শ্রম
1. work ::
3. task ::
4. childbirth ::
5. labor department ::
শ্রম বিভাগের
6. parturiency ::
7. labor movement ::
শ্রমিক আন্দোলন
8. toil ::
10. work ::
11. strive ::
সংগ্রাম করা
12. overemphasize ::
13. suffer from ::
14. grind ::
15. push ::
Different Forms
antilabour, labour, laboured, labourer, labourers, labouring, labours
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