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খাদ্যনালী, অন্ননালী, কণ্ঠনালী, গলা, ঘাড়, কণ্ঠ, স্বরযন্ত্র, শ্বাসনালী

gullet    :খাদ্যনালী


Gullets :: গলনালী



1. esophagus :: অন্ননালী

2. throat :: গলা

3. maw :: পাকস্থলী

4. pharynx :: গলবিল

5. crop :: ফসল

6. craw :: পক্ষীর পাকস্থলী

7. throttle :: শ্বাসনালী

8. gorge :: ঘাট

Different forms

gullet, gullets

English to Bengali Dictionary: gullet
Meaning and definitions of gullet, translation in Bengali language for gullet with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of gullet in Bengali and in English language.

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What gullet means in Bengali, gullet meaning in Bengali, gullet definition, examples and pronunciation of gullet in Bengali language.

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