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খনন করা, খোঁড়া, খনি, ফাঁপা

gopher    :খোঁড়া


Gophers :: খোঁড়া


Related Words

1. gopher :: খোঁড়া


1. gopher tortoise :: গোফার কচ্ছপের

Different forms

gopher, gophers

English to Bengali Dictionary: gopher
Meaning and definitions of gopher, translation in Bengali language for gopher with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of gopher in Bengali and in English language.

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What gopher means in Bengali, gopher meaning in Bengali, gopher definition, examples and pronunciation of gopher in Bengali language.

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Scene - (দৃশ্য) :: It is difficult for women to retaliate in public without creating a scene and inviting stares when something like this happens

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Caulk - (কালাপাতি করা) :: You will then want to make sure that the grout or caulk around the sink is also clean

Caustic - (শ্লেষাত্মক) :: In On burning mirrors Diocles also studies the problem of finding a mirror such that the envelope of reflected rays is a given caustic curve or of finding a mirror such that the focus traces a given curve as the Sun moves across the sky


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