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বহন, জন্মদান, কবালা, সহন, বিক্রয়, হস্তান্তর, বাহন
কবালা, উন্মত্ততা, বহন

Conveyance    :কবালা


Conveyance - কবালা

Conveyances :: বাহন

Conveyancing :: দাঁতের


Related Words

1. means of conveyance :: পরিবাহক এর মানে


1. transportation :: পরিবহন

2. vehicle :: বাহন

3. conveying ::

4. transport :: পরিবহন

5. impartation ::

Different forms

conveyance, conveyances, conveyancing

English to Bengali Dictionary: conveyance
Meaning and definitions of conveyance, translation in Bengali language for conveyance with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of conveyance in Bengali and in English language.

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What conveyance means in Bengali, conveyance meaning in Bengali, conveyance definition, examples and pronunciation of conveyance in Bengali language.

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