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অনুরূপ, মত, একই, নকল, একইভাবে, সদৃশ

analogous    :অনুরূপ


Analogously :: অনুরূপভাবে

Analogousness :: অনুরূপ


Related Words

1. analogous to :: অনুরূপ


1. comparable :: তুলনাযোগ্য

2. parallel :: সমান্তরাল

3. similar :: অনুরূপ

4. like :: মত

5. akin :: সদৃশ

6. corresponding :: অনুরূপ

7. related :: সংশ্লিষ্ট

8. kindred :: সজাতি

9. equivalent :: সমতুল্য


1. different :: বিভিন্ন

2. dissimilar :: বিসদৃশ

3. diverse :: বিচিত্র

4. unlike :: অসদৃশ

Different forms

analogous, analogously, analogousness

English to Bengali Dictionary: analogous
Meaning and definitions of analogous, translation in Bengali language for analogous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of analogous in Bengali and in English language.

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What analogous means in Bengali, analogous meaning in Bengali, analogous definition, examples and pronunciation of analogous in Bengali language.

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