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অগ্নিচূর্ণ, অগ্নিচূর্ণক, বিস্ফোরকবিস্ফোরক
Explosive :
- বিস্ফোরকবিস্ফোরকবিধ্বংসীবিস্ফোরকবিস্ফোরক

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Noun(1) a chemical substance that undergoes a rapid chemical change (with the production of gas
Adjective(1) serving to explode or characterized by explosion or sudden outburst(2) liable to lead to sudden change or violence(3) sudden and loud

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(1) Increased birth rates and immigration have resulted in explosive growth in elementary and secondary school student enrollments.(2) The explosive growth of hedge funds has certainly increased the volatility of markets.(3) Willingness to negotiate and compromise, when appropriate, helps regain control of an explosive situation.(4) The flowering of classic Russian cuisine coincided with the rapid economic expansion and explosive growth of the middle class in the aftermath of Alexander II's liberal reforms.(5) Whatever the motive for the shooting, political experts are quick to point out that even the threat of political violence can have an explosive effect.(6) In other words, the explosive increase in the number of passenger cars and licensed drivers over the past decade resulted in poor education in driving etiquette and traffic rules.(7) She wasn't trained extensively in weaponry and ballistics, but it never really was hard to place the sound of a thermal explosive going off.(8) In a separate incident, a branch near the capital was damaged by a explosive device made from small cooking gas cylinders.(9) It sounds simple: an explosive charge in a metal body that's designed to break up into fragments upon detonation.(10) Dramatic improvement in storage technology, coupled with the explosive growth of the Internet, has fundamentally changed the way in which storage is used.(11) You spoke about the growth and development of an explosive upsurge in the working class in America, and the working class coming onto the scene of history.(12) As it turned out before bedtime I played witness to one of Mia's explosive temper tantrums.(13) If anything, she has found being a woman has its advantages in terms of defusing explosive situations.(14) Several homes in nearby have already been demolished after suffering a potentially explosive build-up of the gas, which is known to miners as Fire Damp.(15) The article contained potentially explosive material, yet its contents pass by the editors without comment.(16) As we reported, the military today said it discovered sarin nerve gas in an explosive device, an artillery shell, in fact.
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ক্রিয়ার কাল
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Different Forms
explosive, explosively, explosiveness, explosives, nonexplosive, nonexplosives
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