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ইশারা, পিটপিট্, নিমিষ, চক্ষুর পলক, অল্পক্ষণব্যাপী, আভাস, সঙ্কেত, ইঙ্গিত, চোখের পিট্পিট্-করণপিটপিট্ করা, চক্ষু টেপা, পলক ফেলা, টিপাচক্ষু মিটমিট করা, ইশারা করা, চোখ টেপা, পিটপিট বা মিটমিট করা, চোখ মিটমিটানি, দেখিয়াও না দেখার ভান করা
Wink :
চক্ষুর পলক
- চক্ষুর পলকনিমিষনিমিষচোখের পিট্পিট্-করণনিমিষ

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Noun(1) a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat(2) closing one eye quickly as a signal(3) a reflex that closes and opens the eyes rapidly
Verb(1) signal by winking(2) gleam or glow intermittently(3) briefly shut the eyes(4) keep back by blinking

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(1) Normally these deals are signed with a handshake and a wink .(2) I gave them a surreptitious wink and a salute and then turned back to the menu, a self - satisfied smirk on my face.(3) Morning gleams upon the fields like the wink of love.(4) Indeed, such is the power of gesture that a wink or a sarcastic intonation inevitably reframes and inverts the ÔÇÿliteralÔÇÖ meaning.(5) The emoticon is a weak substitute for a coy gesture or a lusty wink .(6) ÔÇÿGood enough to eat,ÔÇÖ he added with a wink and in a manner that can only be described as sarcastic.(7) He saw the status lights wink on letting him know that his people understood the orders.(8) Pretty rude, I think, so to clarify my intent I give a cheeky wink and nodding-back-a-pint gesture.(9) He only wondered if the wink meant more than a friendly gesture amongst winning blackjack players.(10) A wink of an eye is a gesture coded with multiple meanings; it also seems to be the easiest bodily sign to simulate through animation.(11) This caused Isis to smile - the wink was a gesture so unlike Raine that it was a pleasant surprise.(12) He told her with a wink as he gestured for her to come inside.(13) She punctuated the point by kissing him on the cheek and giving him a slow wink .(14) ÔÇÿShe's just being shy,ÔÇÖ Grant slurred at Bryant with a wink before turning back to Janet with a glint in his eye.(15) Jason glanced in my direction, and I saw him wink quickly.(16) Barney gave him a knowing wink
Related Words
1. blink of an eye ::
চোখের পলকে
2. blink ::
3. blink ::
4. sparkle ::
Different Forms
wink, winked, winker, winkers, winking, winks
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