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স্থানান্তরণ, ভ্রমণদেশান্তরে ভ্রমণ, বলদ-টানা গাড়িতে করিয়া দীর্ঘপথ ভ্রমণ
Trek :
- ভ্রমণভ্রমণ

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Noun(1) a journey by ox wagon (especially an organized migration by a group of settlers(2) any long and difficult trip
Verb(1) journey on foot, especially in the mountains(2) make a long and difficult journey

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(1) For all their efforts, they were treated to a warm reception in Moran's Pub in Grange where they were able to put their feet up after their trek .(2) Next year, he plans to trek to Patagonia in South America for the same charity.(3) No longer will prospective drivers have to trek down to the state's Motor Vehicle Division office to get their eyes assessed before hopping in a car to take the rest of the test.(4) a trek to the South Pole(5) He managed to get ashore after the Grosvenor was wrecked but did not survive the trek to safety.(6) They join the trek to the towns where they look for ÔÇÿrealÔÇÖ jobs.(7) many licences are given to men who trek for sport rather than professional fishermen(8) It has been a long trek since their humble beginnings in the early 1950's, when there were no flights to Namibia from Germany, Europe or America.(9) Much encouragement had been given her by her family, who will be making the trek to Johannesburg with her later this week.(10) A long sweep was a four-day trek through the surrounding mountains.(11) It has been a long trek for the women's movement.(12) The hill walking training has been necessary as the walk in China involves a rise of 13, 500 feet over the seven-day trek .(13) Currently he is gearing up for a trek through the Panama Canal.(14) The plan was to trek down the mountain, cut through the forest to the nearest town and then try to build a new life.(15) You plan to trek on the treadmill at least four times a week so you can get into the healthiest tip-top shape possible.(16) For people who have been cramped into buses for 12 hours or more, few irritations are worse than discovering there is no hot shower or bed at the end of the trek .
Related Words
(1) trek ::
1. journey ::
3. expedition ::
4. safari ::
আফ্রিকায় শিকার অভিযান
5. odyssey ::
6. voyage ::
7. hike ::
8. march ::
9. slog ::
জোরে আঘাত
10. tramp ::
পদব্রজে ভ্রমণ
11. walk ::
পদব্রজে ভ্রমণ
12. long haul ::
দীর্ঘ তিরস্কার
13. hike ::
14. tramp ::
পদব্রজে ভ্রমণ
15. march ::
16. slog ::
জোরে আঘাত
17. footslog ::
18. trudge ::
টানিয়া টানিয়া চলা
19. traipse ::
ক্লান্তিকর হণ্টন
20. walk ::
পদব্রজে ভ্রমণ
21. travel ::
22. journey ::
23. hoof it ::
এটা খুর
Different Forms
trek, treks
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