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ফিতাকাপড়ের ফিতা, কাগজের ফিতাবন্ধন করা, মাপার ফিতা নিয়ে পরিমাপ করা
Tape :
- ফিতাটেপটেপরেকর্ডিংযে

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Noun(1) a long thin piece of cloth or paper as used for binding or fastening(2) a recording made on magnetic tape(3) the finishing line for a foot race(4) measuring instrument consisting of a narrow strip (cloth or metal(5) memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide; used to record audio or video signals or to store computer information
Verb(1) fasten or attach with tape(2) record on videotape(3) register electronically

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(1) On the path a few solitary scraps of withered white and blue police tape were a solemn reminder of the crime scene.(2) secure the bandage with tape(3) If they survived that, and the ceremony, the newlyweds were required to hold the winning tape for a race among villagers along the main street.(4) In his address he complimented the huge turnout and afterwards he and the priest cut the tape to set the walkers on their way.(5) There was no blue and white tape , no forensic team.(6) He hadn't noticed before that the tape in the cassette player had come to an end and the cab was almost fittingly silent.(7) I also learned it doesn't pay to tape over old videos.(8) The Foley catheter then is secured to the patient's leg with a leg strap or tape .(9) Measure the distance with a tape .(10) She went into high gear in the last few meters on Friday to win the women's marathon, while Allan Ballester of the Philippines crossed the men's tape .(11) The criminals slot cardboard or plastic devices into the machine and stick double-sided tape to the card slot.(12) We went out to dine last night, so I set the video to tape Maria Callas: Living and Dying for Art and Love.(13) She takes a photograph of him from an envelope in her purse, and I tape the picture next to the others on the wall, in history.(14) Here is a tape of a live radio broadcast some years ago.(15) In a subtractive process, strips of tape are progressively removed from the canvas's surface as color is applied in a systematic fashion.(16) He had also wedged three home-made stun grenades, made from TNT, aluminium powder and tape , in his belt.
Related Words
(1) tape measure ::
দৈঘ্র্য মাপার ফিতা
1. binding ::
2. adhesive tape ::
আঠালো টেপ
4. magnetic tape ::
চৌম্বক শক্তি সম্পন্ন ফিতা
6. tape measure ::
দৈঘ্র্য মাপার ফিতা
7. bind ::
বাঁধাই করা
9. record ::
10. videotape ::
ভিডিও টেপ
Different Forms
tape, taped, tapes, taping
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