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পেট, পাকস্থলী, উদর, জঠর, পক্বাশয়, পাকাশয়, খাত্তয়ার ইচ্ছা, খাত্তয়ার রূচি, আসক্তি, মেজাজ, তেজপাকস্থলিবরদাস্ত করা
Stomach :
- পেটপেটজামার ওপরে পরা অলংকারপেটপেটে

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Noun(1) an enlarged and muscular saclike organ of the alimentary canal; the principal organ of digestion(2) the region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis(3) an inclination or liking for things involving conflict or difficulty or unpleasantness(4) an appetite for food
Verb(1) bear to eat(2) put up with something or somebody unpleasant

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(1) The wheels seemed to be turning in his mind and Sally's stomach lurched with every passing second he kept silent.(2) the teams proved to have no stomach for a fight(3) It simply cannot stomach the sense of some form of autonomy.(4) The world did not seem the same place anymore, and he still had no stomach for magic.(5) she doesn't have the stomach to eat anything(6) In both the case of the adult and the chick the stomach cannot be filled more than a certain amount.(7) if you cannot stomach orange juice, try apple juice(8) From soundings I've taken inside the Labour Party, people cannot stomach a war and some are going to leave the party.(9) He was now alone, the smell of fried eggs and bacon still strong in the room, but he had not the stomach to eat.(10) His stomach tightens in a knot as he stumbles down the hall towards his bedroom.(11) Wombats are strictly herbivorous grazers; they have a simple stomach and a short, broad cecum.(12) The idea was that fibre fills the stomach and reduces the desire to overeat.(13) Have some solid food in your stomach before drinking.(14) Gastroplasty alone can cause vomiting when even tiny amounts of food stretch the stapled stomach .(15) His stomach tightened in anticipation, knowing he was finally going to talk to the girl.(16) After all, everyone needs food, and sooner or later, the stomach will rule.
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5. digest ::
পরিপাক করা
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সহ্য করা
7. endure ::
সহ্য করা
Different Forms
stomach, stomached, stomacher, stomachers, stomaching, stomachs
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