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স্লাগ্জোরে আঘাত করা
Slug :
- স্লাগ্স্লাগ্

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Noun(1) a projectile that is fired from a gun(2) a unit of mass equal to the mass that accelerates at 1 foot/sec/sec when acted upon by a force of 1 pound; approximately 14.5939 kilograms(3) a counterfeit coin(4) an idle slothful person(5) an amount of an alcoholic drink (usually liquor(6) a strip of type metal used for spacing(7) any of various terrestrial gastropods having an elongated slimy body and no external shell(8) (boxing
Verb(1) strike heavily, especially with the fist or a bat(2) be idle; exist in a changeless situation

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(1) Joe took a slug of his beer to half empty the can and, there!(2) Even though you're dying to bitchslap your clueless roommate, loser boyfriend or loathsome slug of a boss, play nice.(3) Slugs do not talk, they don't use their mobile phones for more than a short while, any time they do talk religion and politics are avoided and there's no smoking or eating by the driver or slug .(4) writers can edit the slug that will become an article or page URL(5) And maybe everything has added up to make a big old apathetic slug .(6) If you are successful and you get a body armor that will stop a certain size slug , he's going to come at a different angle or he's going to get armor-piercing slugs.(7) Do you know how long it's been since I had a slug of whiskey?(8) We return to our hotel to slug whiskey and create conversational doodles in the private bar.(9) Good thing he hadn't just taken a slug at his drink or I'm sure it would have come out of his nose.(10) I tasted it once and had to take a slug of sour mash to get the sweet out of mouth.(11) he took a slug of whisky(12) Fite also does a brisk business in reloading equipment and components for the low-velocity lead slug loads used in cowboy action.(13) I mean, he's just like this slug who hangs around the house all the time.(14) The cherries were for the family; a slug of what Hoard called ÔÇÿChristmas cheerÔÇÖ was for my father.(15) However, a gauss rifle uses a series of very large capacitors hooked to several coils that line the barrel of the rifle, to propel the slug forward.(16) Secrets and truths emerge, which cause emotional bruising, but nothing a slug of Scotch can't cure.
Related Words
(1) sea slug ::
সমুদ্র স্লাগ্
1. bullet ::
2. sluggard ::
3. clout ::
মাথায় চাঁটি
4. swig ::
5. idle ::
Different Forms
slug, slugs
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