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প্রাণরস, রস, প্রাণশক্তি, সার, সরস কাষ্ঠ, কোমল কাষ্ঠ, হাবাগবা লোক, গোবরগণেশ, বোকা লোকপ্রাণরস শুষিয়া লত্তয়া, রস শুষিয়া লত্তয়াউদ্ভিদের প্রাণরস, ভ্যাবাগঙ্গরাম
Sap :
- প্রাণরসযত শীঘ্র সম্ভবরসহীনপ্রাণরস

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Noun(1) a watery solution of sugars, salts, and minerals that circulates through the vascular system of a plant(2) a person who lacks good judgment(3) a piece of metal covered by leather with a flexible handle; used for hitting people
Verb(1) deplete(2) excavate the earth beneath

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(1) All weaken a plant by sucking sap , causing chlorotic spots on the tops of the leaves.(2) Traditional methods of identifying water stress use sensors to measure water pressure in individual, removed leaves, or the flow of sap through the plant stem.(3) The sucrose is transferred in the plant sap from the leaf to the grape berry.(4) They complained that they were not allowed to use bombs or to sap and mine the streets held by the insurgents, and they did not want to give quarter to anyone any more.(5) He kept his arms and legs moving, feeling the energy sap from his muscles.(6) Soybean aphids injure soybeans by removing plant sap with their needle-like mouthparts.(7) The combination of excess sugar sap and sunny days create an abundance of the pigment anthocyanin and the brilliant fall colors of crimson and purple.(8) the hot, heady days of youth when the sap was rising(9) Long debates and community objections more often than not sap initial energy.(10) Travellers, short on water rations, have died drinking the milky sap of its poisonous foliage.(11) He planned to sap Elisabeth of all her powers, and then to take over the bridge and all worlds.(12) It took me over an hour to get there for I met all the infantry coming down the sap .(13) Large modern sugarmakers use a complex system of plastic tubes that carry sap from the tree to roadside storage tanks or directly to the sugarhouse.(14) Woody stemmed plants, like Buddleia and plants that ooze sap , like Asclepias, should be cut and placed in hot water.(15) Some theorists were attracted to notions of climatic determinism, believing that heat and humidity would sap Australians' intellectual powers.(16) Immediately after the explosion, the besiegers could assault the fortress or extend their sap trenches into the crater and reinforce them with gabions.
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Different Forms
asap, sap, sapless, saps
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