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বিপ্লব, আবর্তন, আমূল পরিবর্তন, কক্ষপথে পরিক্রমণ, চক্র, আবৃত্তি, পুনরাবর্ত, পুনরাবর্তন, ঘূর্ণ, ঘূর্ণিপাক, চক্কর, পুনরাবৃত্তি, পাকচক্রাকারে ঘোরা, চক্রগতি, ঘূর্ণন
Revolution :
- বিপ্লববিপ্লবীদেরবৈপ্লবিকবিপ্লবপন্থীআমূল পরিবর্তন সাধন করা

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Noun(1) a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving(2) the overthrow of a government by those who are governed(3) a single complete turn (axial or orbital

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(1) It is important that a vehicle's wheels make a complete revolution , i.e., turn full circle over the material.(2) He orders us into his Landrover and we skid across the causeway, the water rising with every revolution of the wheels, splashing above the windscreen.(3) Earth has also tidally locked the Moon, leaving it with identical periods of rotation on its axis and revolution around Earth.(4) He believed that the tides are caused by the periodic reinforcement and opposition of two motions of the Earth - its annual revolution around the sun and its daily rotation on its axis.(5) He noted that if the bob was drawn back and released then it followed an elliptical path, and moreover the major axis rotated in the direction of revolution exactly as did the apsides of the moon's orbit.(6) The technological computer telecommunications revolution is equally responsible.(7) when I grew up it was the Marxism that was very strong, it was like the revolution was coming next week(8) Record companies have finally begun to embrace the digital revolution started by the first incarnation of Napster.(9) So if, for example, W = 2, that means that the diameter of the tube after a single revolution is twice what it was one whorl before.(10) The clearest example was in Russia in the successful workers' revolution in 1917.(11) revolution about the axis of rotation(12) My stomach dropped out from underneath me more than once as we were thrown up in the air and even completed a full revolution .(13) observing the revolution about the axis of rotation(14) The Earth's tides are mainly created by the force of the Moon's orbit, along with the Earth's own revolution and gravitational pull from the Sun.(15) So without further ado, grab your hard hat and let the revolution begin!(16) He determined the least angular velocity about its axis for which steady motion of a solid of revolution can be stable.
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নাটকীয় পরিবর্তন
3. turn ::
4. turning ::
5. gyration ::
চক্রাকারে পরিভ্রমণ
Different Forms
revolution, revolutionaries, revolutionary, revolutionist, revolutionists, revolutionize, revolutionizes, revolutions
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