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অগ্রগতি, উন্নতি, প্রগতি, বৃদ্ধি, গতি, পারদর্শিতা, যাত্রা, অগ্রগমন, চলন, উদ্বর্তন, ক্রমবৃদ্ধিঅগ্রসর হত্তয়া, চলিতে থাকা, উন্নতির পথে অগ্রসর হত্তয়া, প্রগতির পথে অগ্রসর হত্তয়া, স্থান হইতে স্থানান্তরে যাত্তয়া, বৃদ্ধি পাত্তয়া, সাড়ম্বরে যাত্তয়া, আগান, কার্যাদি চালানসন্মুখগতি, চলন্ত বা চালু অবস্থা
Progress :
- উন্নতিঅগ্রগতিরঅগ্রগতিউন্নতিশীল

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Noun(1) gradual improvement or growth or development(2) the act of moving forward (as toward a goal(3) a movement forward
Verb(1) develop in a positive way(2) move forward, also in the metaphorical sense(3) form or accumulate steadily

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(1) I guess it's supposed to keep a person on the couch, remind him or her of home - no progress , no forward motion, no dreams.(2) The footage continues showing the main unit making slow forward progress through the terrain toward the town of Marzak.(3) Fortunately, I have no stake in slowing technological progress .(4) The doctor will monitor your child's progress after surgery to make sure she's developing normally.(5) The board was told of a situation where couples are left for years on end without making progress in their wished-for adoption.(6) Their forward progress was stopped by a report from the roaming patrol that some kind of convoy was directly ahead.(7) Weeks passed like a leaf floating downstream, unconcerned with progress or destination.(8) we are making progress towards equal rights(9) I keep taking little steps, then big ones, and as such make progress forward.(10) He points to miniaturization as one area in which remarkable technological progress has outpaced serious thought on usability.(11) It took three men to stop his progress , and as the ball was switched to the right by Erwin, Andrew Edgar had come across from the left to create the extra man and score.(12) Considerable scientific progress has been made in understanding the causes and correlates of adolescent drug problems.(13) A gooey mix of muddy leaves will glom onto your tires, pack up in the nooks of your fork and frame and slow your forward progress .(14) Would he be pleased with our progress toward peace and real love?(15) However, slowly, after several breaks and around four hours, we made progress , eventually stopping at the top of the steepest chute to break for lunch.(16) The college is making progress in the ongoing development of educational programmes, services and facilities.
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পশ্চাদ্দিকে গমন
Different Forms
progress, progressed, progresses, progressing
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