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পরিলেখ, পার্শ্বচিত্র, আদরা, মোটামুটি রেখাচিত্র, মোটামুটি নকশা
Profile :
- প্রোফাইলেপ্রোফাইলপ্রোফাইলেরপ্রোফাইলিং

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Noun(1) an analysis (often in graphical form(2) an outline of something (especially a human face as seen from one side(3) biographical sketch(4) degree of exposure to public notice(5) a vertical section of the Earth's crust showing the different horizons or layers
Verb(1) write about(2) represent in profile, by drawing or painting

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(1) His most recent feature article was a profile of Elaine Pagels in the November 2004 issue.(2) We showed that the autocorrelation profile not only contains information on diffusion timescales but also on relaxation timescales.(3) As such, Table 1 is used to summarize the previously reported findings and to provide a profile of the demographic characteristics of the sample.(4) It is likely that because of reflectance from the chamber walls the vertical profile of PPFD is altered, especially during episodes of direct sunshine.(5) The guy turned slightly and Rika managed to catch his side profile .(6) the man turned and she caught his profile(7) The Teaching Awards Trust's mission is to highlight excellence and encourage best practice in teaching, and in doing so, to raise the profile and public perception of the teaching profession.(8) His photo and blog profile complement an article that reveals 19 % of people never drink alcohol, 48 % of car drivers have had a drink before driving and 51 % believe drink driving is just as bad as having unprotected sex.(9) The consortiums don't expect to earn money from these operations, but hope to raise the public profile of their groups.(10) Lynn was wearing too much makeup, like always, and her side profile made her nose look like it protruded too far out from the rest of her face.(11) He wrote a short profile on each member of the panel that was on board the plane that evening.(12) a profile of a Texas tycoon(13) he was to profile a backbench MP(14) We must also raise the public profile of the very severe problems of the arable sector, which are now putting the industry into a critical state.(15) Our overarching goal is to both provide a needed community service, and to raise the profile and public visibility of the Alabama State Nurses Association.(16) The profile is the cross-section of a wheel (looking head on).
Related Words
1. side view ::
পাশের দৃশ্য
2. outline ::
3. silhouette ::
মসীবর্ণ ছায়া-পরিলেখ
4. contour ::
সীমাসূচক রেখা
5. shape ::
6. form ::
7. figure ::
9. describe ::
বর্ণনা করা
10. write about ::
সম্পর্কে লেখা
11. give an account of ::
বর্ণনা দেত্তয়া
12. portray ::
ভাষায় বর্ণনা করা
13. depict ::
বর্ণা করা
14. sketch ::
15. outline ::
Different Forms
profile, profiled, profiles, profiling
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