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ভোগদখল করাঅধিকারী করা, অধিকারী হত্তয়া, মালিক হত্তয়া, অধিকার করা, মনকে অধিকার করা, শাসন করা, আচ্ছন্ন করা, আবিষ্ট করা, জ্ঞাপন করা, জানান, ভোগদখল করা, পোষণ করা
Possess :
ভোগদখল করা
- ভোগদখল করাআবিষ্টভোগদখল করাঅধিকারীঅধিষ্ঠাতা

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Verb(1) have as an attribute, knowledge, or skill(2) have ownership or possession of(3) enter into and control, as of emotions or ideas

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(1) We may be inexperienced but naivety is not a characteristic we possess in abundance.(2) All states are more or less exceptional, in the sense that they possess unique characteristics.(3) he did not possess a sense of humour(4) Both characters possess qualities considered essential to the Hindu lifestyle, and have become role models for Hindus of both sexes.(5) In some regions, one often came across innocent women branded as witches and lynched by villagers who wanted to possess the land and property belonging to the victims.(6) Major publishers are seeking authors who already possess the basic writing skills.(7) I do not possess a television set(8) Seldom does one individual possess all the talents required to meet each of these challenges.(9) all that the plaintiffs did was to possess themselves of the securities(10) I tried to possess my soul in patience(11) In order to freely possess oneself in such a system one must be free of dependence on the will of others.(12) Furthermore, characters who possess the supernatural qualities of deities are considered to be human.(13) he just wanted her, to possess her(14) Leaders have to go with the actual knowledge they possess at the time.(15) We do not possess more strength than other people.(16) Civil rights are the basic legal rights a person must possess in order to have such a status.
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2. have ::
3. take control of ::
নিয়ন্ত্রণ নিতে
4. obsess ::
মন অধিকার করিয়া রাখা
1. lack ::
2. want ::
Different Forms
possess, possessed, possesses, possessing, possessor, possessors
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