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কাছাকাছি, অদূর, নিকটবর্তী, নিকটস্থ, ঘনিষ্ঠ, সন্নিকটবর্তী, উপস্থ, সমীপবর্তী, অন্তরঙ্গ, পার্শ্বগত, উপগত, অভ্যগ্র, অন্তিক, প্রত্যাসন্নকাছাকাছি, নিকটে, সন্নিকটে, প্রায়, অদূরে, সমীপেকাছাকাছি, কাছে, নিকট, নিকটে, প্রায়, কাছ, সকাশেনিকটবর্তী হত্তয়া, সমীপবর্তী হত্তয়া, নিকটতর হত্তয়া, ঘনানঅদূরবর্তী, স্থান বা কালের নিকটবর্তী
Near :
- কাছাকাছিকাছাকাছিনিকটতমপ্রপ্রায়

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Verb(1) move towards
Adjective(1) not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances(2) being on the left side(3) closely resembling the genuine article(4) giving or spending with reluctance, or near(5) with or in a close or intimate relationship(6) very close in resemblance
Adverb(1) near in time or place or relationship(2) (of actions or states, just

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(1) it was near falling down(2) they're very near in age(3) The number of nerve fibres that would need to grow from the eye to the brain in a human is roughly the same, somewhere near a million.(4) A near relative is the larger and better-known Chinese water chestnut.(5) As the train came to a near stand still, passengers say they heard loud bangs coming from underneath the train.(6) The women didn't expect to raise anything near the amount they have - let alone be offered movie deals.(7) I near shrieked as he fell to the floor, a perfect, coin shaped hole, dotted between his eyebrows.(8) The general strike resulted in the near total shutdown of the rail network and lengthy traffic jams.(9) How could she live without falling into despair with love so near and yet unattainable?(10) The near failure of the monsoon has affected agricultural operations in 11 States.(11) By that stage last December, Jonathan, was in a near vegetative state and at one point was given only days to live.(12) She'll probably end up near obsessed with the guy but eventually see sense and move onto pastures new.(13) Ever wondered where you could get a near instant reply to any question.(14) The past few weeks have seen a near total triumph of pessimism.(15) It's had a high dividend yield and has been trading near or even below its net asset value for some time.(16) she's a near relation of mine
Related Words
(1) near here ::
এখানে কাছাকাছি
1. close ::
2. imminent ::
3. closely related ::
ঘনিষ্ঠভাবে সম্পর্কিত
4. narrow ::
5. skinny ::
6. approximate ::
7. dear ::
8. nigh ::
9. almost ::
10. nigh ::
11. well-nigh ::
খুব কাছাকাছি
12. close to ::
13. approach ::
14. verge on ::
উপর শেষপ্রান্তে
Different Forms
near, neared, nearer, nearest, nearing, nearness, nears
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