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লিভার, লেভার, ভারোত্তোলন-দণ্ডলিভার দ্বারা চালান, লেভার দ্বারা চালান
Lever :
- লিভারউদ্দেশ্যসাধনের উপায়লিভারলিভারলিভার

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Noun(1) a rigid bar pivoted about a fulcrum(2) a simple machine that gives a mechanical advantage when given a fulcrum(3) a flat metal tumbler in a lever lock
Verb(1) to move or force, especially in an effort to get something open

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(1) As you try to lever them into position, they seem to suddenly sprout extra limbs to match the extra decibels they are producing.(2) The thief was then chased down the main street by neighbours, but managed to escape, leaving behind a tyre lever , torch and some of his clothing.(3) Hesitantly, Ian pushed the gear lever into reverse and slowly let the clutch out.(4) rich countries use foreign aid as a lever to promote political pluralism(5) Mr Milburn said that community empowerment at neighbourhood level will be a future lever for change.(6) she pulled a lever at the base of the cage(7) First, make sure the locking lever is in the up position.(8) Now the English wall had broken, and the Normans were able to lever open the cracks.(9) At present the EU has a powerful lever to put pressure on candidate countries to pay more than lip service to demands for minority rights.(10) Reacting quickly, I attempted to squeeze the left brake lever .(11) As he issued the words his hand came down and pushed the throttle lever forward.(12) The puncture took somewhat longer to repair as I couldn't find my pump, puncture repair kit or those little plastic bits you need to lever the tyre off.(13) I panicked, something I rarely do, and pressed the throttle lever .(14) a tyre lever(15) Heaven knows what kind of implements he used - perhaps a tyre lever and a power drill!(16) In Book II Heron discusses lifting heavy objects with a lever , a pulley, a wedge, or a screw.
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গিয়ার লিভার
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কিছুর মধ্যে উঁকি মারা
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বিকৃত করা
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উত্তোলন করা
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Different Forms
lever, leverage, leverages, levered, levering, levers, unilever
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