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রক্তচোষাচিকিত্সক, বৈদ্য, জোঁক, জলৌকা
Leech :
- জোঁকজোঁকজোঁকজোঁক

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Noun(1) carnivorous or bloodsucking aquatic or terrestrial worms typically having a sucker at each end(2) a follower who hangs around a host (without benefit to the host
Verb(1) draw blood

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(1) While at rest, the medicinal leech lies under large objects on the shoreline, partially out of water.(2) The leech is invaluable in microsurgery when faced with the difficulties of reattaching minute veins.(3) You get well, the leech gets fed, and everyone lives happily ever after.(4) The study also shows that wild European medicinal leeches are at least three distinct species, not one.(5) If you want to leech off someone's Wi-fi to download the update, drive by my house and leech off mine.(6) Robby had always known that the business was filled with leeches and liars - confused, timid men and women whose only chance of achieving success was to latch onto someone who had been deemed successful by others.(7) The main limitation I see is that society would not work if everyone leeched off it in this way.(8) But some of these operations might have failed if leeches had not been reintroduced into the operating room.(9) At the turn of the century, health care seems to have come light years from the days of leeches , country-side doctors and a lack of remedies for ailments such as polio, rubella and the German measles.(10) It's a bit of a shame, especially as the leeches used for therapy sessions aren't your average leeches.(11) I've seen a few of the files on various torrent sites, they are being leeched on by the thousand.(12) Those people who operate these servers are parasites leeching off the creativity of others.(13) The rhynchobdellids are strictly aquatic leeches that have small, porelike mouths in the oral sucker.(14) Tiger balm is great because it is easy to carry in your pocket, it's not messy and the leeches hate it.(15) The key to identification of leeches covers several features, including the number and placement of the eyes.(16) Piggybacking or leeching on timely news is common as well, making it harder still to have any lasting impact.
Related Words
(1) leech craft ::
জোঁক নৈপুণ্য
1. parasite ::
2. bloodsucker ::
5. bottom feeder ::
নীচে ফিডার
7. phlebotomize ::
8. bleed ::
রক্ত ঝরা
Different Forms
leech, leeched, leeches, leeching
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