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দ্বৈপ করা, স্বতন্ত্র করিয়া রাখা, বিচ্ছিন্ন রাখা, পৃথক্ করিয়া রাখা, দ্বীপতুল্য করা, নি:সঙ্গ করিয়া রাখা
Isolate :
- বিছিন্নভিন্নপৃথকীকরনপৃথকরূপে সনাক্ত

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Verb(1) place or set apart(2) obtain in pure form(3) set apart from others(4) separate (experiences

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(1) Despite that, he seems happy in a writerly isolate 's sort of way.(2) To reach the right solution, isolate what's causing the problem.(3) If the entire world spoke at once, could you reliably isolate what a single individual is saying?(4) Once that trend is identified, we can isolate the cause through other means and look at ways of addressing more specific problems.(5) But first, they had to isolate the compound in pure form.(6) The goal is to identify and isolate three dozen such targets that could be destroyed by precision strikes.(7) his difficulty will be to isolate the factors which are most significant(8) Mr. Fogel said the real goal of the legal effort was to further isolate Israel.(9) To try to isolate a factor responsible for controlling mite populations in bee colonies.(10) Since I'm sure I'd become a paranoid isolate , I'll add DSM-IV to the list.(11) When a child is sick with scarlet fever due to a strep throat infection, it is wise to isolate him or her from other family members, especially infants and very young brothers and sisters.(12) Gas and electricity engineers were called to isolate the supplies.(13) the medical world would never come to grips with polio until it could isolate the virus which caused it(14) And so, this was a signal that was sent to further isolate Colin Powell.(15) you can't isolate stress from the management context(16) Large bodies of opinion in Israel unjustifiably view its society as an isolate within the Middle East.
Related Words
(1) isolate ::
1. cordon off ::
বন্ধ বেষ্টনী
2. separate ::
3. identify ::
সনাক্ত করা
4. insulate ::
আলাদা করিয়া রাখা
5. sequester ::
স্বতন্ত্র করিয়া রাখা
1. integrate ::
Different Forms
isolate, isolated, isolates, isolating
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