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মেঝে, তল, তলা, ঘরের মেঝে, ভূমি, তলদেশ, তালা, মেজে, গৃহতল, মঁচ, গৃহের তলা, ভিত, সভাতল, সমতল স্থান, পাটাতনমেঝে নির্মাণ করিয়া দেত্তয়া, ভূপাতিত করা, পরাভূত করা, জব্দ করা, হতবুদ্ধি করা
Floor :
- মেঝেধরাশায়ীমঁচমেঝে

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Noun(1) the inside lower horizontal surface (as of a room, hallway, tent, or other structure(2) a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale(3) a lower limit(4) the ground on which people and animals move about(5) the bottom surface of any lake or other body of water(6) the lower inside surface of any hollow structure(7) the occupants of a floor(8) the parliamentary right to address an assembly(9) the legislative hall where members debate and vote and conduct other business(10) a large room in a exchange where the trading is done
Verb(1) surprise greatly; knock someone's socks off(2) knock down with force

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(1) Her steps sounded loud in the silence of the room as she walked across the floor to the black curtained bed.(2) Free and open debate on the Senate floor ensures citizens a say in their government.(3) The troop was taking a siesta on the forest floor of the Berenty reserve.(4) Of course we shouldn't cover the ocean with plastic or dredge the sea floor or cut down forests.(5) share prices have gone through the floor(6) There is a point of order on the floor , and both members are interjecting.(7) This market remains buoyant and will keep a strong floor under lamb prices.(8) When an earthquake lifts the ocean floor , it heaves up a mass of water thousands of feet deep which then falls back.(9) The main floor of the new building will be level with the main floor of the old hospital, with a crawl space beneath.(10) floor it!(11) Back on the boat, Craig told me a little more about his forays to collect thermophiles on the ocean floor .(12) the forest floor(13) the kitchen floor(14) Near the spare bedroom, he pulled a cord hanging from the ceiling and a staircase lowered to the floor .(15) Jagged stalagmites pointed upward from the cave floor , encased in a crystal coat of ice.(16) Do not let anyone walk on the floor before the finish is applied, or dirt might be tracked on the wood.
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6. trading floor ::
ট্রেডিং মেঝে
8. baffle ::
কিংকর্তব্যবিমূঢ় করা
9. take aback ::
পেছন ফেরা
10. dump ::
মনমরা ভাব
Different Forms
floor, floored, flooring, floors
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