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ব-দ্বীপবদ্বীপ, গ্রীক বর্ণমালার চতুর্থ অক্ষর, ত্রিভুজাকৃতি কোনো বস্তু
Delta :
- ব-দ্বীপবদ্বীপ

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Noun(1) a low triangular area of alluvial deposits where a river divides before entering a larger body of water(2) an object shaped like an equilateral triangle(3) the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet

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(1) Long and narrow it stretches east to west along the Gambia River and the capital, Banjul, lies on an island in the river delta .(2) They carry silt from the Mississippi River that replenishes the delta and keeps the coastland above the water line, creating a gradual buffer from the sea.(3) The study reports the influence of delta infection on the severity of hepatitis B.(4) Pilot: Regina Tower, (this is) Cessna foxtrot bravo charlie delta (over).(5) Four changes occur in iron, which give rise to forms known as alpha, beta, gamma and delta .(6) It should be noted that the scaled necrosis depth, d / delta , also depends on the irradiation geometry and the incident light dose.(7) Our results suggest that delta infection may not be very common in Indian patients with HBV-related liver diseases.(8) The forests and estuaries of the delta also benefited from huge floods released into the river from behind dams during the El NiÔö£ÔûÆo years of the 1980s and 1990s.(9) To me it looked like the alpha males on the rampage, and alpha males are always scary to all the gamma and delta males.(10) But those levees denied the delta replenishing river sediment, just as oil prospectors began to dredge coastal wetlands.(11) the Nile delta(12) Thus, our results suggest that delta co-infection is more common in acute liver diseases while delta super-infection occurs more frequently in chronic liver disease.(13) Other symbols use in chemistry include the Greek letter delta to denote a change in energy levels and an arrow to indicate the direction a reaction proceeds in.(14) Casey guessed the next would be delta : phonetic alphabet(15) delta hepatitis(16) Water flow in the rivers decreased when the region's climate changed about 5,000 years ago and wind began to winnow the river delta 's dried sediments.
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1. delta ::
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delta, deltas
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