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সঠিক, উপযুক্তঠিক, শুদ্ধ, নির্ভুল, সত্য, যথার্থ, বিশুদ্ধ, অভ্রান্তঠিক করা, শুদ্ধ করা, ভুল চিহ্নিত করা, সারান, সারা, শাস্তি দেত্তয়া, শায়েস্তা করা, ঢিট করা, সংশোধন করা, শোধন করা
Correct :
- ঠিকসংশোধনযোগ্যসংশোধিতনির্ভুলনির্ভুল

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Verb(1) make right or correct(2) make reparations or amends for(3) censure severely(4) adjust for(5) punish in order to gain control or enforce obedience(6) go down in value(7) alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard(8) treat a defect
Adjective(1) free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth(2) socially right or correct(3) in accord with accepted standards of usage or procedure(4) correct in opinion or judgment

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(1) I think your comments are correct in general but wrong as to Holmes.(2) But it was only during my recent tour of Europe that I realized how awkward it could be if you have to correct people again and again on where you are from.(3) He was correct in his approach here again, I think.(4) All other contrasts were performed as Tukey-Kramer tests, which correct for multiple comparisons.(5) I know that many of them are lying, but some of the facts were correct .(6) On that basis the Applicant is correct in calculating the children's entitlement as follows.(7) Both senators are correct in their respective positions.(8) In a normal society something like Hooke's Law would operate on them as they veered out of the groove of correct behaviour.(9) Once you've got a rough idea of where you want everything to go, measure up your tubing and cut yourself the correct lengths.(10) Just make sure you use the correct facts before you say them.(11) But I call upon any antepost dog experts in the audience to correct me if I'm mistaken.(12) Please co-operate by only depositing the correct recyclables in the appropriate containers.(13) They want to kill the messenger although he is speaking the truth and his facts are correct .(14) For this reason I do not have time to correct any typos or add links.(15) that's the correct answer(16) correct me if I'm wrong, but ...
Related Words
(1) politically correct ::
রাজনৈতিকভাবে সঠিক
1. right ::
2. proper ::
3. rectify ::
সংশোধন করা
4. counteract ::
নিবারণ করা
5. adjust ::
সমন্বয় করা
7. decline ::
8. redress ::
9. discipline ::
10. even up ::
1. excuse ::
2. pardon ::
3. spare ::
Different Forms
correct, correctable, corrected, correcter, correctest, correcting, correctly, correctness, corrector, corrects
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