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অবতলতা, খোলগোলাকার ফাঁপা বস্তুর ভিতর
Concavity :
গোলাকার ফাঁপা বস্তুর ভিতর
- গোলাকার ফাঁপা বস্তুর ভিতরগোলাকার ফাঁপা বস্তুর ভিতর

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Noun(1) a shape that curves or bends inward(2) the property possessed by a concave shape

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(1) A polarity is set up between the assertive convex solidity of Broadcasting House and the receptive concavity and lightness of the suspended facade.(2) The cervical centra are amphicoelous, but do not have the deep, bowl-shaped concavity as in Polycotylus.(3) From a hill-like rise at left to the pyramidal structure and round-lipped concavity on the right, the work does so by emphasizing this Arizona as a feminized site.(4) the concavity of her stomach(5) Koilonychia is represented by transverse and longitudinal concavity of the nail, resulting in a ÔÇÿspoon-shapedÔÇÖ nail.(6) The degree of concavity is measured by the proportionate rate of decrease of the slope, that is, the rate at which the slope decreases divided by the slope itself.(7) The concavity of the retina is another fact adduced in favour of the theory that our visual space is curved.(8) The upturned cardiac apex and the pulmonary artery concavity cause the appearance of a ÔÇÿboot shapedÔÇÖ heart which is usually seen in the older child or the patient with pseudotruncus.(9) Scanning electron micrographs of the discs of the tube feet of Odontaster validus revealed varying degrees of concavity .(10) Then the T wave becomes broad and the ST segment elevates, losing its normal concavity .(11) Ontogenetic thickening of branches reduces the degree of dorsal concavity .(12) Both Dr Lee and Dr Moore-Gillon agreed that the flow volume loops produced in the MAP LFTs showed some concavity , which was suggestive of airflow obstruction.(13) The labial surfaces of the plates are smooth, slightly convex both mesially and distally with a shallow concavity between.(14) The concavity of the ventral interarea and shell outline varies considerably in this species.(15) The key observation here is that Hadrocodium has no trough or concavity .(16) The amygdaloid body is an ovoid gray nuclear mass, oriented transversely and with a slight posterior concavity .
1. bulge ::
2. camber ::
উত্তল বক্রতা
3. jut ::
4. projection ::
5. protrusion ::
Different Forms
concavities, concavity
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