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বক্স, বাক্স, ঘুষি, ঘুসি, কাঠগড়া, পেটিকা, পেটী, চাপড়, চাটি, ঘুসা, ঘুষা, ভাণ্ড, মুষ্ট্যাঘাত, চিরশ্যামল ক্ষুদ্র বৃক্ষবিশেষ, করঙ্ক, অস্থায়ী আবাস, অস্থায়ী মাচান, কাটরা, চড়, গাড়ীতে চালকের বসিবার স্থান, কোষ, অল্প লোকের জন্য কামড়া, অল্প লোকের জন্য কক্ষমুষ্টিযুদ্ধ করা, ঘুষি মারা, ঘুসি মারাবক্সিং লড়া, ঘেরা জায়গা, ছাউনি
Box :
- বক্সবক্সবক্স্-বৃক্ষের কাষ্ঠে নির্মিতমুষ্টিযোদ্ধাবাক্সে

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Noun(1) a (usually rectangular(2) private area in a theater or grandstand where a small group can watch the performance(3) the quantity contained in a box(4) a predicament from which a skillful or graceful escape is impossible(5) a rectangular drawing(6) evergreen shrubs or small trees(7) any one of several designated areas on a ball field where the batter or catcher or coaches are positioned(8) the driver's seat on a coach(9) separate partitioned area in a public place for a few people(10) a blow with the hand (usually on the ear
Verb(1) put into a box(2) hit with the fist(3) engage in a boxing match

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(1) The pair caused quite a stir when they took their seats in the VIP box at Fenway Park.(2) I didn't check the others, but the Opteron box was displaying a generic screensaver over a locked console.(3) She removed another device, a mechanical box connected by a cord to a piece of metal with a plastic handle.(4) A ripening banana put in a lidded box with green tomatoes turns them red.(5) As predicted I stayed home Friday night, kicked back and watched all manner of light entertainment on the box .(6) Another thing they shared was the ability to box effectively while still carrying knockout power in either fist.(7) If you wanted to make a film on how to box , he would be the fighter you would want to film.(8) to box sb(9) a box of chocolates(10) Make sure your spa comes with a protective box or panel designed to keep out rain and water from sprinkler systems.(11) A glass structure links the box with the rest of the house, enclosing the last open corner of the terrace.(12) If he does, the umpire will merely direct the proper batter to take his place in the batter's box while inheriting the count.(13) He will be in the batter's box facing Major League pitching every fifth day.(14) Clydebank almost grabbed the lead in the 31st minute when their trialist wriggled free in the box , but he shot inches wide of the near post.(15) she ate a whole box of chocolates that night(16) a box at the opera
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বক্স অফিস
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শক্ত কাগজ
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3. box seat ::
বক্স আসন
4. boxwood ::
চিরশ্যামল ক্ষুদ্র বৃক্ষবিশেষ
5. loge ::
7. package ::
8. fight ::
9. strike ::
Different Forms
box, boxed, boxen, boxer, boxers, boxes, boxing, boxlike, boxy, postbox, postboxes
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