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পিটা, ঝাড়া, প্রহার করা, মারা, আঘাত করা, ফুট করা, পিটিয়া প্রসারিত করাআঘাতে আঘাতে জর্জরিত করা, বার বার সজোরে আঘাত করা, কামান দাগা, ফ্যাটানো ময়দা, ডিম, দুধ ইত্যাদি, ছাপার টাইপের ভাঙা অংশতরল কাই
Batter :
প্রহার করা
- প্রহার করাক্ষতপ্রহার করাপ্রহার করাব্যাটসম্যানদের

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Noun(1) (baseball(2) a liquid or semiliquid mixture, as of flour, eggs, and milk, used in cooking
Verb(1) strike against forcefully(2) strike violently and repeatedly(3) make a dent or impression in

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(1) It must be set on a compacted stone base and each layer is connected to the next by clips that automatically give each wall the proper batter .(2) Make the Yorkshire pudding batter by placing the flour and all the eggs into a bowl with some salt and pepper.(3) Conversely, husbands who were having extramarital affairs also tended to batter their wives.(4) a batter thin enough to be poured(5) I thought that using pancake batter would be a good substitute for ÔÇÿpastry dough,ÔÇÖ but boy oh boy was I wrong.(6) The last thing that such oily flesh requires is a coating of batter .(7) The batter is quite a bit thinner than that of pancakes, and the trick is to use its fineness to the finished crepe's advantage.(8) The pancake batter is the nice homely type we all know and love.(9) The shortstop tags out the batter / runner before he can return safely to the base.(10) They can be constructed of single or multiple depths of block and the maximum wall height of a single depth wall is directly proportional to its weight, width, batter , soil condition, and site geometry.(11) He began impressively, striking out his first batter with a fastball that got up to 98 mph.(12) Make the tempura batter by adding ice water, whisking in until it reaches the correct consistency and add sesame seeds and some of the coriander.(13) In baseball, a batter can expect to get as many as four or five chances to hit in a single game: he only needs to take one of these for the hitting streak to continue.(14) In its simplest form this is a flour and water batter , providing food and moisture for the yeast spores which the baker hopes are present.(15) With a runner on third base and less than two outs, the batter hits a fly ball to the outfield.(16) He concluded that on-base percentage was a better way to quantify a batter 's success than batting average.
Related Words
(1) batter down ::
পিটা নিচে
1. batsman ::
2. pummel ::
4. dinge ::
5. baste ::
Different Forms
batter, battered, batterer, batterers, battering, batterings, batters
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