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আনুমানিক, আসন্ন, সর্বাপেক্ষা নিকটবর্তী, পরবর্তী, গড়পড়তামোটামুটি, প্রায় সদৃশ, খুবই কাছাকাছি, প্রায় সঠিক, প্রায় নির্ভুলসন্নিকটবর্তী করান, সন্নিকটবর্তী হত্তয়া, আসন্ন করান, আসন্ন হত্তয়া
Approximate :
- আনুমানিকআনুমানিকআন্দাজপরিমাপকসদৃশ

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Verb(1) be close or similar(2) judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time
Adjective(1) not quite exact or correct(2) very close in resemblance(3) located close together

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(1) The Germans knew the approximate location, even though they could not be exact in that difficult terrain.(2) The four will be commissioned as Army major generals for an approximate two-year term while serving intermittently in this role.(3) At that time they were thought - probably accurately - to approximate the ages at which most people were no longer fit for full-time work.(4) We used uniform prior probabilities and four rate categories to approximate the distribution.(5) Instead, we allow different branches to have different rates but use a single rate for each branch to approximate the trajectory of rates on that branch.(6) Our measures confirm that they selected their verbal response on the basis of an apprehension of approximate number rather than on an exact count.(7) If we can have exact numerical computation, why would anyone choose approximate arithmetic?(8) How close to the approximate truth for many men would that scenario be in terms of their emotional maturity?(9) In this article, we present an efficient approximate method for realizing coalescence times under more general patterns of population growth.(10) The potential energy surface in the active site was generated using the approximate valence bond method.(11) Their approximate street value was estimated at $500 million.(12) This of course is science's strength, rather than its weakness, its ability to self-correct and approximate ever closer to a possible underlying truth.(13) He has collected nearly 30,000 entries and provided exact, equivalent or approximate words in Urdu.(14) Runways, on the other hand, tell pilots the runway direction to the nearest approximate compass heading.(15) It was not possible to say when exactly death had occurred but it was open to the jury to return an approximate time of death.(16) However, even after we adjusted for these additional factors we still found an approximate doubling of risk of death from cancer among people with widespread pain.
Related Words
(1) approximate value ::
আনুমানিক মূল্য
2. near ::
4. close together ::
একসঙ্গে বন্ধ
5. resemble ::
6. estimate ::
7. come close ::
কাছে এসো
1. absolute ::
2. complete ::
3. downright ::
4. outright ::
5. perfect ::
6. pure ::
7. unqualified ::
Different Forms
approximate, approximated, approximately, approximates, approximating
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