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:: They have beady eyes big noses and enormous pot bellies:: When the gymnast misses the beam the device instantly picks up the slack on the gym elastics preventing her crashing to the ground:: They smiled warmly at each other and a faint blush appeared on her cheeks:: Your average brilliantined bikechained ted is now over 60:: It is discriminatory and cannot be countenanced she said:: subcultures which cut across national and political boundaries:: her shoulderlength fair hair:: While standing in front of the pile of hairbrushes and toothbrushes a young man approaches me:: A bevy of beauties from Bangalore promenaded all over the saloon sporting some of the trends in haircuts and some wacky coiffures:: It is an older crowd lots of combover hairdos among the men a fair share of blue rinse among the women:: Thoroughfares in and out of the cities are lined with innocent looking hairdressers and beauty parlours:: :: All across the land chaps with hairlines receding and waistlines advancing are sitting up late and snapping their fingers:: The skewer lay on a volauvent filled with a lightly truffled fudge of sweetbread and kidney a faint lemoniness danced on my tongue:: Then bursting out from behind the trees the same monstrous face appeared beneath a dark hood:: People lose their nerve in the middle of a sentence and walk off muttering they sit and brood by themselves and best yet all the time people are getting stupid drunk:: Tattooed pomaded rockabilly icon Mike Ness returns with Social D Who doesnt like this band:: fan vaults roof these magnificent buildings:: The large trapezius muscle extends from the base of the skull to the last thoracic vertebrae and from the spinal column to the scapulae :: The scars we moved past are striking the limestone is angled at 45 degrees and popular with crows patched with lichens and softened by mosses:: The vinegar pulls out the old shampoo cleaning the carpet as well:: During his journey he had used the knives to skin rabbits caught by his dogs:: White soldiers include the Aryan Brotherhood Nazi skinheads the KKK and other groups:: Heres the skinny on what you can get today and a preview of technology to come:: Toss well with a pair of tongs and cook until the broccoli begins to colour:: Geese of course do not rely on this tongue for getting food into the mouth so the hyoid apparatus tends to be simple but powerful:: These were the words that worked like a tonic on the renowned music composer:: Obesity tonsillar hypertrophy neuromuscular disease and a craniopharyngeal anomaly are risk factors present during wakefulness but do not invariably produce obstructive sleep apnea:: It goes a little way to doing that by giving the regulators some power and some teeth
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