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1. Daguerreotype (দাগেররোতীপ্) :: This exhibition includes 115 photographs negatives and daguerreotypes by Fox Talbot one of the 19thcentury founders of the photographic medium and several of his contemporaries
2. Dally (বিহার করা) :: It doesnt matter how much of the middle you get if your core vote is off dallying with fringe parties
3. Damp (স্যাঁতসেঁতে) :: The tubers can then be stored in boxes though not the crowns and covered with slightly damp peat ready for planting next year
5. Debacle (ছত্রভঙ্গ) :: What can I say after the debacles meltdowns by both Boston and Chicago in this weeks championship series
7. Debility (দৌর্বল্য) :: And yet 40 percent of us will die after a period of protracted debility and feeble dementia stretching on average for some seven to 10 years
9. Decathlon (ডিকাঠ্লোন্) :: He won the gold medal in the decathlon at the AAAs Championships with a score of 6286 points
11. Decorum (শালীনতা) :: She also makes it clear why it was doomed defying as it does every respectable idea about godly behaviour sexual decorum female carnality and nature itself
12. Decoy (ফাঁদ) :: The decoys are controlled over a serial data link to decoy passive and active homing torpedoes
13. Deference (সশ্রদ্ধ বাধ্যতা) :: It was those very values of deference place and the proper order of things which brought this country to the brink of collapse after the war
14. Deferential (স্বীকার করে এমন) :: But now the courts seem inclined to be more deferential to the prosecutions side of this problem
15. Defoliate (পত্রশূন্য) :: Gypsy moth larvae have been defoliating huge areas of forest in New England since they were accidentally introduced in 1869
16. Defunct (বিলুপ্ত) :: When I do it the first five or so results are always the same defunct personal websites for which I have long forgotten the passwords
17. Degradation (ক্ষয়) :: Mass movements against the degradations of the free market have developed in every continent
18. Deign (প্রসন্ন হত্তয়া) :: design fault
19. Deleterious (ক্ষতিকর) :: Actions taken because of the fear of this older future are already having deleterious effects for lots of older people
20. Deliberate (ইচ্ছাকৃত) :: And those injuries have been inflicted with deliberate and premeditated intent

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