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English to Bengali Dictionary: shap
Meaning and definitions of shap, translation in Bengali language for shap with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of shap in Bengali and in English language.

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What shap means in Bengali, shap meaning in Bengali, shap definition, examples and pronunciation of shap in Bengali language.

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Lurk - (অদৃশ্য থাকা) :: I know from obsessing about my referrer logs that I have quite a few lurkers those who visit often but dont comment

Icon - (আইকন) :: Movie stars fashionistas pop rock and soul icons and celebs without brains will battle for front seats

Caller - (আহ্বানকারী) :: My secretary stopped answering my telephone because callers swore at her

Interface - (ইন্টারফেস) :: A clear and agreed agenda for the private sectors role is essential together with proper systems to develop manage and monitor the interface between both sectors

Program - (কার্যক্রম) :: Whats new is a technique which lets ordinary card users program in their own spending parameters


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Version - (সংস্করণ) :: The Chinese version of the book will be published in September 2005

Vertical - (উল্লম্ব) :: There are two types of vertical marketplaces which bring buyers and sellers together to facilitate transactions

Very - (খুব) :: at the very least

Via - (মাধ্যমে) :: If anyone has any further information on this incident send it via email as comments are closed on this post

Victim - (শিকার) :: If not and if some want to draw lots to choose a sacrificial victim may they force everyone to join in


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Rife - (বিদ্যমান) :: Sexual harassment is rife and more women are being jailed

Rigor - (কাঠিন্য) :: Enforcement is an assessment of countries rigour in carrying out their laws

Riveting - (চিত্তাকর্ষক রচনা) :: Our Stan Grant has been reporting on this story for weeks now bringing us some extremely riveting reports

Robust - (শক্তসমর্থ) :: Less rugged and robust than debonair and sophisticated he attracted modern independent women who appreciated his flair

Roster - (পালা) :: Lets brake for lunch and Ill give you your duty roster for the rest of the week when you get back


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Rhombus (অসমকোণ সমবাহু চতুর্ভুজ ক্ষেত্র) :: The panel shapes vary much more using slanted lines making the panels rhombuses

Stove (চুলা) :: We installed smokeless stoves with chimneys in a few huts

Enter (প্রবেশ করান) :: So when you enter your information its going to a criminal somewhere in the Internet whos taking that data and using it for financial crime

Shake (ঝাঁকি) :: I placed my hand in his expecting a shake but he surprised me by bringing my hand to his lips and placing a butterfly kiss on my knuckles

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