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Meaning and definitions of k, translation in Bengali language for k with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of k in Bengali and in English language.

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What k means in Bengali, k meaning in Bengali, k definition, examples and pronunciation of k in Bengali language.

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Biscuit - (বিসকুট) :: Her racks hang with pretty jewelled objects in smoky lilac pink topaz and biscuit contrasted with intense hues of sunshine azure coral and violet

Mustard - (সরিষা) :: There is always room to include Italian and curly parsley sorrel salad burnet mustard chard and kale greens

Semolina - (সুজি) :: Add the flour semolina flour egg yolks olive oil cheese nutmeg and salt to the potatoes and mix until it binds together

Marshmallow - (Marshmallow) :: Invite each princess to build a castle of marshmallows gumdrops soft candies and toothpicks

Bistro - (খাবারের দোকান) :: Edinburgh boasts more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in Scotland as well as plenty of pubs cafes and bistros


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Underneath - (নিম্নদেশে) :: He sighed and pulled a picture out from underneath his mattress handing it to me

Understand - (বোঝা) :: I understand from Anna that you were in America last year

Understanding - (বোধশক্তি) :: An assuring hand was placed on her arm and she looked up to meet his sympathetic understanding gaze

Underwater - (ডুবো) :: We clambered out of the water after some serious underwater rock climbing

Underwear - (আন্ডারওয়্যার) :: Again undersuits and thermal underwear have improved dramatically in the past few years


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Percipient - (তীক্ষ্নবুদ্ধিসম্পন্ন) :: Both judges and percipients may detect creases marks smudges temperature differences or other artifacts that result if actual targets have been handled and then mixed in with targets from a pool for judging

Perdition - (নরকবাস) :: This breeze reeked of the incense cast upon the brazier of such sulfurous content to seem as though spewed from the bowels of perdition

Peremptory - (সুদৃঢ়) :: At the first sound of her peremptory voice and click of the stiletto heels people dart behind doors and douse the lights

Perennial - (বহুবর্ষজীবী) :: Few scholars of our time have so exemplified the permanent student and perennial teacher

Perfidy - (বিশ্বাসভঙ্গ) :: With possible political perfidy such a hot topic at Westminster it is with perfect timing that the Lyceum and Citizens theatres bring two of Englands great plays of history and politics to the stage


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Contemporaneous (সমসাময়িক) :: Both frameworks are described in the context of the contemporaneous social and political background

Productive (উত্পাদনক্ষম) :: This however does not mean that achieving a productive scholarly interactivity in a web journal is either easy or straightforward

Undertake (দায়িত্বগ্রহণ করা) :: All of their Lordships spoke in terms of one party having assumed or undertaken a responsibility towards the other

Nylon (নাইলন) :: It had two slabs of TNT over the chest and in the small of the back and was made of blue nylon

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Adjective :: অন্যান্য, দ্বিতীয়, অন্য, বিভিন্ন, বিচিত্র, বিপরীত, অতিরিক্ত, পরে, গত, সম্পর্কহীন, সর্বোচ্চ, পরম
Pronoun :: অন্যান্য, অন্য, কেবা, যাই হোক
Meaning :: অন্য
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