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therapeutical - /ther·a·peu·tic/ - ˌθɛr əˈpyu tɪk

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English to Telugu Meaning or Translation of Therapeutical

therapeutical = చికిత్సా శాస్త్రము, రోగములను నయము చేయు వైద్యశాస్త్రము

English to English meaning of 'therapeutical'

1. relating to or involved in therapy; "therapeutic approach to criminality"

Examples of 'therapeutical'

1. The results of this study also open the possibility to select stem cell subgroups from different tissues, in order to improve the therapeutical efficacy of different regenerative medicine protocols. Read Article
2. This information is essential for the design of therapeutical studies of synucleinopathies. Read Article
3. Medicines prepared from such raw material are false and devoid of their expected therapeutical activity. Read Article
4. In 2009 Swissmedic, the agency that supervises therapeutical products, found that it did present a higher risk of thrombosis than second generation pills, but was safer than pills of the third generation. Read Article
5. Music can be both fun and therapeutical for children of all ages, and one local teen has been taking time out of his weekends to teach children with Down Syndrome. Read Article

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