implore (Verb) - /im·plore/ - /imˈplôr/

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English to Japanese Meaning or Translation of Implore

implore = 願う, 頼む, 伺う, 拝み倒す

English to English meaning of 'implore'

1. call upon in supplication; entreat; "I beg you to stop!"

Synonyms of 'implore'

appeal (to), beseech, besiege, conjure, entreat, impetrate, beg, importune, petition, plead (to), pray, solicit, supplicate

Examples of 'implore'

1. The billboards implore those affected by diabetes to "Take Your First Step." Read Article
2. Farmers earnestly implore the representatives to pass this bill next week. Read Article
3. Don't go. I implore you.
4. But I can't implore the team to play any harder than they already will. Read Article
5. Think of the children! he implored.
6. I implore you to stop listening to the media about how horrible everyone is. Read Article
7. I implore you to drop everything you are doing now and go vote for Likud. Read Article

Nearby Words of 'implore'

implacable - implant - implement - implementtation - implicate - implication - implicit - implore - implosion - imply - impolite - imponderable - import - important - importation - importunate

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