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amphibians - embanks - embanking

amphibious (Adjective) - /am·phib·i·ous/ - /amˈfibēəs/

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English to Indonesian Meaning or Translation of Amphibious

amphibious = bersifat amfibi

English to English meaning of 'amphibious'

1. operating or living on land and in water; "amphibious vehicles"; "amphibious operations"; "amphibious troops"; "frogs are amphibious animals"
2. relating to or characteristic of animals of the class Amphibia

Related Phrases of 'amphibious'

1. amphibious landing - a military action of coordinated land and sea and air forces organized for an invasion; "MacArthur staged a massive amphibious landing behind enemy lines"
2. amphibious demonstration - an amphibious operation conducted for the purpose of deceiving the enemy and leading him into a course of action unfavorable to him
3. amphibious operation - a military operation by both land and sea forces
4. amphibious assault - an amphibious operation attacking a land base that is carried out by troops that are landed by naval ships
5. amphibious aircraft - an airplane designed to take off and land on water
6. amphibious vehicle - a flat-bottomed motor vehicle that can travel on land or water

Examples of 'amphibious'

1. Bombardier will also promote its specialised and amphibious aircraft. Read Article
2. We rode into war crammed in the back of amphibious assault vehicles. Read Article
3. We had marines trapped in amphibious assault vehicles for 48 hours. Read Article
4. Amphibious vehicle tours keep busy during Christmas season. Read Article
5. The team is distributed across three ships of the amphibious ready grou Read Article

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