Gust (gust) /gəst/ common

Hindi Meaning or Translation of - 'gust'

gust - झोंका, उमंग, भावावेग, प्रचंड वायु, हवा का झोंका, झकोरा, आवेश, आनन्द

Related Phrases

alexandre gustave eiffel - एलेक्जेंडर गुस्ताव एफिल
august 1 - 1 अगस्त
august 15 - 15 अगस्त
august 6 - 6 अगस्त
august f. mobius - अगस्त च .
august ferdinand mobius - अगस्त फर्डिनांड मोबियस
august plum - अगस्त बेर
august wilhelm von hoffmann - अगस्त विल्हेम वॉन हॉफमन
carl gustav jung - गुस्ताव कार्ल जंग
friedrich august von hayek - फ्रेडरिक अगस्त वॉन हायेक
friedrich august wolf - फ्रेडरिक अगस्त भेड़िया
karl gustav jacob jacobi - कार्ल गुस्ताव याकूब जैकोबी

English to English Meaning - 'gust'

gust [Noun]
  • a strong current of air; "the tree was bent almost double by the gust"


  • A gust of wind sends ash into the grate and makes her shiver. Read Article
  • One man woke up in his bed outside as a gust blew off his second floor. Read Article
  • Eatons Neck got a big wallop with a 70 MPH gust recorded at 11:10 Read Article
  • He's the head of Business Administration at GUST where he also teaches marketing. Read Article
  • Temperature values are on the right axis and wind gust are on the left axis. Read Article

Related Phrases

  • carl xvi gustav - king of Sweden since 1973 (born 1946)
  • carl xvi gustaf - king of Sweden since 1973 (born 1946)
  • alexandre gustave eiffel - French engineer who constructed the Eiffel Tower (1832-1923)
  • greta louisa gustafsson - United States film actress (born in Sweden) known for her reclusiveness (1905-1990)
  • karl gustav jacob jacobi - German mathematician (1804-1851)
  • carl gustav jung - Swiss psychologist (1875-1961)
  • carl gustaf mossander - Swedish chemist who discovered rare earth elements (1797-1858)

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