English to Filipino Meaning or Translation of 'Chef'


chef (Noun) - /chef/ - /SHef/

chef - /noun/ : punong tagapagluto

English to English meaning of 'chef'

1. a professional cook

Synonyms of 'chef'

cook, cooker, culinarian

Examples of 'chef'

1. a celebrity chef with her own TV show
2. My friend is an excellent chef.
3. Dallas chef Josh Valentine won Top Chef Seattle this week. Read Article
4. Celebrity chef Paula Deen has been losing weight. Read Article
5. For Drew Curren, executive chef and partner of Easy Tiger, the challenge has always been found in the pairings. Read Article
6. The hotel's chef trained at the finest culinary institutes in Europe.
7. The first evictee was openly gay chef Jeffrey Jew. Read Article
8. He's the head chef at a five-star restaurant.
9. The chef is Sebastiano Zagaria, who is originally from Puglia, Italy. Read Article

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