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Vitiating in Arabic

vitiating - /verb/ : مبطلا, أبطل

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Delegate = مندوب, مفوض, موفد, ممثل, نائب, مبعوث, فوض, انتدب
Delegating = فوض, انتدب
Delegation = وفد, تفويض, بعثة, ندب
Delete = حذف, شطب
Deleterious = مؤذ, ضار بالصحة
Deletion = شطب, انشطاب, فقرة مشطوبة
Delf = DELF
Delft = خزف مصقول
Delhi = دلهي
Deli = أطعمة لذيذة

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Vitiating meaning in Arabic, Vitiating definition, examples and pronunciation of Vitiating in Arabic language.

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