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jeremiad (Noun) - /jer·e·mi·ad/ - /ˌjerəˈmīəd, -ˌad/

jeremiad - /noun/ : نواح متطاول

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English to English meaning of 'jeremiad'

1. a long and mournful complaint; "a jeremiad against any form of government"

Synonyms of 'jeremiad'

diatribe, harangue, tirade, philippic, rant

Examples of 'jeremiad'

1. <a jeremiad against the political apathy shown by so many young people>
2. Elena was living the American Dream, so what was that jeremiad all about? Read Article
3. A few years later he wrote Radical, a jeremiad against the American Dream, which hit The New York Times Bestseller List. Read Article
4. Mainly, though, the note was a rambling jeremiad against the United States. Read Article
5. Perhaps he or she has even issued a jeremiad against the former Great Hope of All Humanity. Read Article
6. It's called "Jeremiad." Read Article

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