Harangue (ha·rangue) /həˈraNG/ common

Arabic Meaning or Translation of - 'harangue'

harangue - خطبة, محاضرة, وعظ, خطاب, خطب, حاضر


Diatribe - تهجم لاذع, خطبة لاذعة
Jeremiad - نواح متطاول
Philippic - الفليبية إحدى الخطب المهمة
Rant - خرف, تمشدق, تبجح, فخم كلامه, لوم بقسوة, عنف, لغة منمقة, حديث صاخب, عاطفة فارغة
Tirade - خطبة مسهبة عنيفة, تقريع مطول

English to English Meaning - 'harangue'

harangue [Noun]
  • a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion
harangue [Verb]
  • deliver a harangue to; address forcefully


    diatribe, tirade, jeremiad, philippic, rant


  • He delivered a long harangue about the evils of popular culture.
  • For such tiresome harangue, tune in almost any AM radio frequency at any hour. Read Article
  • But, Congress will not hear that from the gaggle convened to harangue its members. Read Article
  • At first they would row boats across the channel and harangue the Macedonians. Read Article
  • <launched into a long harangue about poor customer service without realizing that I wasn't even an employee!>
  • @cde naked we wil harangue them until them remove rat tails out of ther orifices. Read Article
  • The whole debate has become one long harangue against firearms and firearms owners. Read Article

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